• Enhanced Operator Stations
  • Basic Operator Stations
  • KOP Furniture (display removed from front)
NOTE: Your keyboard should look like this:

Data Sheet

A high quality replacement ...

This new LCD flat-panel display was developed specifically for use in Honeywell's TDC 2000 Basic and Enhanced Operator Stations. The old monitors used in these stations were tuned for a low video frequency - about half that of today's PC-destined displays. Since it's now often difficult to find displays which can operate at these old video frequencies, your operators have probably been struggling with poor quality video on these stations for some time. This bright, sharp LCD display will give them a better video display than they have seen on the Op Station in quite some time.

An easy-to-install replacement ...

The FP-3019-OPS is available in two mounting styles, depending on the type of furniture used for the station. Honeywell's early op stations were in "KOP" furniture, where the monitor slides in and out from the front, over the keyboard. Our tray-mount version is used for this furniture. Monitor replacement is as simple as sliding out and disconnecting the old monitor, and sliding in an re-connecting the new flat-panel display.

For Honeywell's newer "classic" furniture, (used also with Universal Stations), the monitor is accessed from the rear of the station, after removing the monitor cover. For this style of furniture, we also offer a tray-mount option, for a quick installation with a 2.5" setback. A bezel-mount version is also available, where we ship the display mounted in the bezel, and installation consists of removing the monitor and the old bezel, and installing the new bezel.

A bright, durable display ...

The delicate LCD plastic surface is protected by a glass anti-glare panel attached to the front of the display. This durable surface protects the LCD from the wear scratches that any plastic surface eventually suffers after repeated cleaning (or touching with dirty fingers, pencils, or sharp objects). The anti-glare treatment of the glass combined with the inherent low-glare characteristics of a flat display results in an excellent high-contrast display.

Low maintenance, long life...

The solid-state design of the flat-panel TFT LCD display provides inherent reliability, low power consumption, and low maintenance. Aside from periodic cleaning of the anti-glare glass, the FP-3019 requires no regular periodic maintenance. Technicians have access to a full range of digital display adjustments during setup. This adjustment can be frozen to prevent subsequent adjustment by unplugging the adjustment cable from the display after setup.

* For Operator Stations in classic furniture, consider this LCD display.