• Easy installation
  • Low maintenance
  • Sharp, bright display, low glare

  • Universal Workstations or Micro with EPDG
  • GUS and Experion stations

Data Sheet

Flat-Panel LCD Display for Honeywell Desktop Stations with or without touch screen

A high quality replacement ...

This industrial LED-Backlit flat-panel display was designed as a direct replacement for the CRT-based monitors used in Honeywell’s Universal Workstation and TDC Micro Stations using EPDG/EPDGP video. The display is also suitable for GUS and Experion stations using PC video, and the optional infrared touch screen is compatible with these applications. To install, simply connect the power cable, video cable, and (optional) touch screen cable to mating connectors on the new display.

Includes flat touch screen ...

The FP-3019TS-DT can be ordered with a flat infrared touch screen mounted to the front of the display. This option is referred to as the FP3019TS-DT. The touch screen is mounted a few millimeters from the display surface, and eliminates “false picks” sometimes seen with the old touch screen because of its distance from the screen. Touchscreen connection either 9-pin Serial or USB compatible.

A bright, durable display ...

The FP3019TS-DT factory settings yield an exceptional image quality for a typical US with EPDG/EPDGP video. In a side-by-side comparison with Honeywell's solution, users notice a much sharper image. The brightness, contrast, and black level values can be adjusted for your particular environment and preference.

Low maintenance ...

The FP3019TS-DT requires low maintenance just periodic cleaning of the glass face plate. This face plate has an anti-glare coating, use only a residue-free glass cleaner with a non-abrasive lint-free cloth.
To order the desktop display with touch screen, use model FP-3019TS-DT.
To order the desktop display without touch screen, use model FP-3019-DT

20" monitors discontinued

20" LCD panels in the form factor used in our previous desktop monitor (model FP-3020XTS-DT), are no longer available. The 19" replacement described here uses a 19" LCD panel, which is a high quality panel in a standard size, and is readily available in the required form factor.