Printer Replacement for Honeywell US

Printer Replacement for Honeywell US

  • Put a laser printer on your US
  • Easy installation
  • Standard USB interface

  • Universal Station
  • Universal Workstation
  • UxS Station

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Frequently Asked Questions

Now you can choose the printer for your Honeywell Universal Station ...

The HPI-3010 Protocol Converter lets you replace the Honeywell matrix printer on your Universal Station with virtually any Hewlett Packard-compatible USB printer. Choose any LaserJet or DeskJet printer from HP - or any other printer compatible with HP's PCL3 (this includes printers that support PCL5 and PCL6). Take advantage of the low cost, high quality and reliability of today's best printers to enhance your Honeywell Universal Station.

A simple, hardware-only solution ...

The HPI-3010 connects to most Universal Stations using a standard RS232 cable (supplied with the unit). The printer connects to the other side of the interface (a 5½" x 4" x 1½" box) using a standard USB cable (also supplied with the unit). Power to the HPI-3010 is supplied by a standard 9V adapter plugged in to a 110VAC or 240VAC outlet.

For LaserJet and DeskJet printers using 8½" x 11" (or A4) paper, all printed text uses a compressed font, to accommodate the narrower paper width. Screen prints are printed in landscape mode with these printers. Wide-carriage matrix printers are formatted like the Honeywell printer that they replace.

Fast, reliable, affordable ...

The protocol translation introduces absolutely minimal time delay to the printing process. The time required to generate a printout is governed by the Universal Station and the speed of the printer you choose. A complex graphic screen print to a LaserJet IV takes 45 seconds, for example.

The HPI-3010 is based on a simple, rugged, trouble-free design that has developed a reputation for reliability in the field. The design's parallel interface predecessor is supported by Honeywell, and is sold by Honeywell as part no. 38002276-100.