New Voltage Regulator - 80603299-001

New Voltage Regulator - 80603299-001

  • State of the art design
  • Clean, stable voltage output
  • No maintenance required
  • One regulator spare for all Hiway boxes

  • All TDC 2000 regulator applications
    (except LL PIU PCFA with RTD)

"End of Life" - "Limited Availability Only Based on Existing Stock"

VREG Data Sheet

A new regulator for TDC 2000 applications (VREG)

Good news for TDC 2000 users concerned about extending the life of their Hiway!  Yamatake has developed and is now shipping a new replacement voltage regulator for all TDC 2000 Hiway boxes. This initial product represents Yamatake's first step in a continuing commitment to support the TDC 2000 through at least 2025.

The importance of stable, clean power in Hiway boxes

Honeywell notified Hiway users years ago of the importance of maintaining good voltage regulation in Hiway boxes. Aging electrolytic capacitors on the original voltage regulator can cause the regulator to product excess ripple in the DC output, which at sufficient magnitude can cause unpredictable erroneous behavior in the box. Diagnostic error codes may point to a failure elsewhere in the box. A faulty regulator can cause erroneous Hiway commands which can corrupt data in another controller on the Hiway.

High quality voltage regulation for all TDC 2000 boxes

The VREG by Yamatake is designed using the latest technology in power regulation. A check of the output voltage using a scope shows a very stable, clean output for all voltage levels - no ripple, no switching spikes.

No maintenance, low power consumption

Unlike the original voltage regulators used in TDC 2000 equipment, the VREG requires no periodic adjustments, and no other maintenance or calibration. The higher efficiency of this state-of-the-art design reduces power dissipation and runs cooler in the chassis, reducing the heat load for the cabinet. Note the absence of the large heat sinks used in previous regulator designs.