Yamatake Background

A message from Azbil

Since the company’s founding in 1906, Yamatake (now known as Azbil) has built on its core of measurement and control technologies to maintain its position at the forefront of Japan's automation industry. Over our long history, during which we once operated under the name Yamatake-Honeywell, we have built a reputation for providing optimum solutions in industrial automation, factory automation and building automation.

A 30+ year (1966–1998) alliance with Honeywell has allowed Azbil to retain joint ownership of Yamatake co-developed products. For example, the Intellectual Property for nearly all TDC/TPS® products through Rel. 535 is co-owned by Honeywell and Azbil.

Azbil's trademarked name for these co-owned products is the Advanced Process System 5000 (APS5000).

  • Azbil has been selling and maintaining Data Hiway Devices since 1975

  • Azbil has also created our own product development and manufacturing capabilities as well as site maintenance services to meet our customers’ high-quality requirements. Of note are the new redesigns of key Data Hiway products and the new Hiway Life Span Extension Program

For over 100 years, Azbil has pioneered new technologies in measurement and control, providing innovative solutions in the field of both process automation and factory automation. In addition to process control systems, Azbil is renowned for its smart field instruments, control valves, flowmeters and transmitters. Such leading-edge technologies work together to boost productivity, safety, and convenience while reducing energy use and operating costs. Azbil has the expertise and experience to offer comprehensive process automation systems tailored to your requirements.

Azbil through its group companies is currently a $2+ billion company with worldwide presence:

• 24 Group companies in Japan

· 21 overseas affiliates

· Five factories in Japan

· Three factories in China

Yamaguchi Takenhiko san


Yamatake Shokai Co., Ltd. was founded by Yamaguchi Takehiko in 1906 and began the import and sales of machine tools and other instruments from the U.S. and Europe.

Key industrial automation dates are:

• 1920 Brown Instruments imports started

• 1927 Honeywell acquires Brown Instruments

• 1933 First control valve manufactured in Japan

• 1953 Forms an equity-based alliance with Honeywell (50% share)

• 1966 Corporate name is changed to Yamatake-Honeywell Co., Ltd

• 1975 TDC2000 introduced

• 1976 MagneW3000 introduced

• 1983 ST3000 introduced

• 1988 TDC3000 introduced

• 1996 Harmonas introduced

• 1998 Yamatake-Honeywell alliance dissolved

• 2008 The Group name is changed to the Azbil Group

• 2011 Yamatake Corporation of the Azbil Group has announced that it will change its name to "Azbil" to consolidate and strengthen the “Azbil” brand

From the Present to the Future

Azbil has a long track record of Consistent Evolution which provides customer investment protection, preserves intellectual property, provides obsolescence protection, reduces risk and increases reliability. The goal is to maintain the lowest total cost of ownership through a Consistent Evolution development process. This provides the ability to extend the life-cycle of your control system investment. We have 30-plus years of life-cycle preservation experience.

Other Solution Offerings

• Energy Management

• Plant Information Management System

• Advanced Operator Support System

• Mobile Operator (wireless)

• Advanced Process Control System

• Planning Optimization System

• Plant Performance Analysis System

Azbil , with core specialties in measurement and process control, has consistently been a leader in the use of new technology to provide a competitive edge in the manufacturing business and on the factory floor. From consulting, design, and engineering to maintenance and repair, Azbil is able to draw upon its strengths to provide integrated life-cycle services. With an eye always on the future, Azbil stands ready to assist with your ongoing production facility improvements.