Power and Fans for PM/APM/HPM
As of: January 21, 2019
Part No Model No Description Status
51109684-100 PM/APM 20A Power Supply
51198651-100 HPM Power Supply
51198947-100 HPM Power Supply
51303940-100 Fan Asm w/Alrm nonCC 115
51303940-150 MC-FAN611 Fan Asm w/Alarm CC 115v
51303940-151 Fan w/alrm CE CC 115V WPC
51303940-200 Fan Asm w/Alrm nonCC 240v
51303940-250 MC-FAN511 Fan Asm w/Alarm CC 240v
51303940-251 Fan w/alrm CE CC 230V-WPC
51303948-100 48V Batt Backup Assy/Tray
51401214-100 PM Power System Housing
51401216-100 PM Power System Ctrl Assy
51404170-125 MU-PSRX04 Power System Housing
51404170-175 MC-PSRX04 Power System Housing C/C

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