HTD Regulator Card


This regulator is used in Hiway Traffic Director and Preferred Access Expander. It supplies +5 VDC, ±12 VDC, and +24 VDC to the logic of the HTD or PAE file.

The board has test points along the card edge for these voltages, as well as for common and master clear. It also has a single switch to power the +24 VDC to the card file on or off. The single LED on the card edge will be illuminated if +24, ±12, and 5 VDC are all present.

Adjustments for this regulator are made to the +5 VDC, which should be ± 0.05VDC, and for the trip point adjustment, adjusted to the measured +24V voltage, times the measured +12V voltage, times 0.0104.