Hiway Traffic Dir Chassis


This is a complete chassis for the Hiway Traffic Director. For Model Number C-HTD10, the access mechanism is a fixed priority scheme. For Model Number C-HTD20, one of two access mechanisms is selectable through a jumper at the front end of the director PCB. One selection is the Priority Mode, which is similar to that of the C-HTD1O. The other selection is the Round-Robin mode, which permits a more equitable access to the preferred devices.

The Highway Traffic Director(HTD) holds two sets of indentical boards, one set for hiway A and the other for hiway B. The backplane of the HTD has 12 coaxial cable connectors. The left side is marked "A", refered to as Section A, which has 3 in and 3 out connectors. The right side "B", referred to as Section B, which also holds 3 in and 3 out connectors. The backplane has 4 Terminal Blocks to allow wiring to Preferred Access Devices (PAE).

Backplane has an LED, when lit it shows that +24V power is incoming to the card file. There are 3 fuses also mounted on backplane.