UPIU Board for HL, LL, LE


• The UPIU replaces the existing CPU and ROM/RAM card in all three PIU types : HLPIU, LLPIU, and LEPIU

• The single new PWA replaces the PIU PWAs by selecting the appropriate PIU personality via jumper settings


• New UPIU's are "plug and play" compatible with
all previously installed PIU PWAs being replaced.
• No modification of existing network/box configurations.
• Increased offline and online diagnostics.
• New UPIU is based on Motorola 68020 central processing unit (CPU) technology.

The NEW Integrated Common Electronics Card (ICE) 80603830-003 is a single board design that replaces the existing CPU, memory (RAM/ROM), Trend, & both Data Hiway Interface cards using today's state of the art technologies.