I/O Rack Power Supply


A "C" suffix has been added to those models that conform to CE directives 73/23IEEC, the low voltage directive, and 89/336IEEC, the EMC directive.

The model 621-9933C I/O Power Supply Module is a double wide module that provides 10 to 15 A of +5 Vdc for the logic circuitry in the I/O card file. It also supplies 1.2 to 2 A of ¦15 Vdc. The maximum power consumption of the module is 110 VA.

The Power Supply Module is installed in slots L and M of the full size I/O card file or slots F and G of the half size card file.

The input is selectable for 115 or 230 Vac operation by the position of the toggle switch located under the component cover of the module. The 115 Vac selection allows a voltage range of 85 to 132 Vac. The 230 Vac selection allows a voltage range of 170 to 250 Vac operation. The frequency for both ranges is 47 to 63 Hz. The power fail level is 83 volts for 115 Vac and 166 volts for 230 Vac. The power fail delay is 11.5 milliseconds.

The Power Supply Module has a front accessible fuse holder. It is shipped with a 4 A slow blow fuse installed for 115 Vac operation. A 2 A slow blow fuse for 230 Vac operation is also shipped with the module. A green LED, labeled 5 VDC, is illuminated when the 5 Vdc power is present.