VREG - New Regulator For TDC 2000


New Voltage Regulator from Yamatake
For All TDC 2000 Boxes
 - Latest technology
 - No maintenance
 - Clean voltage output
 - Universal
  All TDC 2000 regulator applications
  except LL PIU point card file with RTD

Data Sheet

The importance of stable, clean power in Hiway boxes ...
Honeywell notified Hiway users years ago of the importance of maintaining good voltage regulation in Hiway boxes. Aging electrolytic capacitors on the original voltage regulator can cause the regulator to product excess ripple in the DC output, which at sufficient magnitude can cause unpredictable erroneous behavior in the box.  Diagnostic error codes may point to a failure elsewhere in the box.  We have even heard stories of erroneous Hiway commands caused by a faulty regulator which corrupted data in another controller on the Hiway.

No maintenance, low power consumption ...
Unlike the original voltage regulators used in TDC 2000 equipment, the VREG requires no periodic adjustments, and no other maintenance or calibration. A higher efficiency reduces power consumption compared with the original 30731808-001 regulator.