4MW LCN Processor Board


The K4LCN-4 is an LCN processor board using the Motorola 68040 processor, with 4 MW of non-expandable memory. This board, like the K2LCN preceding it, includes the LCN interface on the board.

The K4LCN series of processor card is also capable of generating and receiving digital clock synchronization data frames transmitted at the LCN standard 5 MHz rate.

Processor Compatibility:
The minimum memory capacity for the node processor is three megawords to support R500 software. A K4LCN (68040) node processor is highly recommended if your UCN is currently heavily loaded or if a High Performance Process Manager device is connected to your UCN. The K4LCN-4 node processor can be used in any node with one exception, a Universal Station running engineer personality requires 8M. Honeywell no longer sells K4LCN-4 or K4LCN-8 processors.