FAQ for the CFZE-2GB Zip drive replacement

Is the compact flash formatted in Honeywell or Windows format?

Honeywell format.  The first step in using the CFZE-2GB is to initialize (format) the compact flash chip on the Honeywell Universal Station. This formats the CF chip in Honeywell format, which differs from the Windows PC format.  If you try to read the CF chip on a Windows PC, it will tell you that the CF is not formatted, since it doesn't recognize the Honeywell format.

Is there a way to see the compact flash files from the LCN on a PC?

Honeywell offers software called "File Transfer" for the GUS, which was intended to allow you to transfer files from the History Module or Zip Drive (the Honeywell environment) to the GUS (a Windows environment). Using this software, we have transferred information from the compact flash chip (acting as a Zip cartridge) to a GUS, and from the GUS to a standard PC, using a CF reader and the USB port of the PC. It was the File Transfer software that allowed the files to be recognized on the PC.

Can I use a compact flash chip larger than 2 GB?

Yes, you can use larger CF chips. But since the History Module is limited to 1.8 GB, and the Honeywell LCN software doesn't anticipate partitioning a Zip cartridge, it may be difficult to use the space beyond 1.8 GB.

What happens if I make a fast load compact flash chip?

The fast load chip will boot the station just like the fast load Zip cartridge.

Can I use any kind of compact flash chips with CFZE-2GB?

The short answer is no. Even though CompactFlash is a standard, these products are on a relatively short product cycle, and as memory capacities change, other spec changes affect the use of these chips in the CFZE-2GB. Since we first introduced the CFZE-2GB, leading manufacturers of CF chips have changed their specifications, and we have seen some newer CF chips which are not compatible with the early CFZE-2GB. We are working with our suppliers to verify that CF chips supplied by WPC for this application are compatible in all versions of the product.  We recommend that you purchase spare CF for the CFZE-2GB from us.  For online purchase of additional CF cards, we recommend certified KingDisk industrial grade.

Since this is a data storage application, where data integrity is critical, industrial grade compact flash should be used with the CFZE-2GB. The higher-quality CF devices use SLC (Single-Level Cell) compact flash, which is faster and more stable than the more-common and less-expensive MLC (Multi-Level Cell) compact flash. They also use advanced wear-leveling techniques. For a technical explanation of the differences, see: http://www.supertalent.com/datasheets/SLC_vs_MLC%20whitepaper.pdf.