• Flat LCD display for classic furniture
  • Easy installation
  • Low maintenance
  • Sharp, clear display

  • Universal Stations with EPDG video
  • GUS and Experion Stations
  • Note: If you already have a flat Honeywell bezel and touch screen, order FP-3018

FP3000TS Data Sheet

A high quality replacement ...

This second generation LED Back-lit flat-panel display was designed as a direct replacement for the CRT-based monitors used in Honeywell's Universal Station with EPDG or EPDG2 video. This display can also be used for GUS and Experion stations in classic furniture. The bezel mount brings the display forward in the bezel, resulting in a clean, updated look and an easy reach for the operator. It requires removal and replacement of the old bezel, and installation of the new bezel (supplied with the display already installed).

Includes flat touch screen ...

The FP-3000ts comes with an integral flat touch screen, mounted to the front of the display. This touch screen is mounted within a few millimeters of the display surface, eliminating the "false pick" problem that can occur when the touch screen beams are farther from the display surface. This touch screen is connected to the existing touch screen cable. Since it is mounted to the front of the display, no alignment procedure is required.

For applications not requiring a touch screen, order the FP-3000.

A bright, durable display ...

The delicate LCD plastic surface is protected by a glass anti-glare panel attached to the front of the display. This durable surface protects the LCD from the wear scratches that any plastic surface eventually suffers after repeated cleaning (or touching with dirty fingers, pencils, or sharp objects). The anti-glare treatment of the glass combined with the inherent low-glare characteristics of a flat display results in a high-contrast display that is easy on the eyes.

Low maintenance, long life...

The solid-state design of the flat-panel TFT LCD display provides inherent reliability, low power consumption, and low maintenance. Aside from periodic cleaning of the anti-glare glass, the FP-3000 requires no regular periodic maintenance. Technicians have access to a full range of digital display adjustments during setup. This adjustment can be frozen to prevent subsequent adjustment by unplugging the adjustment cable from the display after setup.