Equipment Purchased FAQ

Why should I use second-hand equipment?

Honeywell now endorses the use of "recycled" parts to maintain legacy systems. We believe that our extensive experience, thorough test procedures, replacement of aging components, and consistent focus on only Honeywell DCS gives us an advantage over all other sources of used Honeywell equipment, including Honeywell themselves. If you have the occasion to come to Phoenix, ask Honeywell for a tour of their "Certified Recycled Parts" facility, then come over to WPC and take a tour of our facility, and do your own comparison. We take great care to preserve the level of quality that you have come to expect from Honeywell equipment. During a typical purchase of surplus equipment, we take possession of the equipment shortly after it has been powered down. We transport the equipment to our warehouse using air-ride electronic vans - the same method of delivery used when the equipment was new.

Once in our warehouse, the equipment is catalogued and stored until required for an order. Static precautions are in force during all procedures where the equipment must be handled. Prior to shipment, the equipment is thoroughly tested in our facilities to verify that a part functions according to specifications (see below).

Our newest equipment is sold first. Our database of equipment on hand is sorted by date code, and we choose the most recent issue numbers available to fill an order, consistent with LCN, Experion, and release compatibility requirements.

What has been the performance record of Western Process equipment in the field?

While we do not guarantee against any failure, our equipment has an excellent reputation among users. We are often told that users can't tell the difference in performance and reliability between our equipment and original manufacturer's equipment. We have a very low rate of warranty returns. For feedback directly from some of our customers, call or fax our office for references.

Do you modify equipment prior to selling it?

We believe that the best level of quality and reliability is maintained by minimizing handling of the equipment, so we sell much equipment without any modifications. There are some high-demand items, however, where certain components are known to deteriorate over time. We have identified components that we know to be susceptible to age-related failures, such as the electrolytic capacitors on regulator boards and output boards, relays on the thermocouple mux boards, relays on CMOS memory boards, etc. We replace these aging components with new components meeting or exceeding original specifications.

What about revision levels?

We purchase equipment with a range of age and revision levels. Our newest parts are always selected for sale first. Our oldest parts are scrapped, though in some cases they have operated for over 20 years without problems. We identify minimum acceptable revisions for a part, and only ship parts meeting these minimum revisions.

How do you test your parts?

All parts are tested for a minimum of 48 hours prior to shipment. We have a full-time test facility running equipment including all TDC 2000 Hiway boxes, LCN nodes, and UCN equipment including HPM, APM, PM and LM. Each part is tested for functionality appropriate for that part. Where calibration is relevant, the part is calibrated and monitored for drift. Where a part includes multiple I/O channels, each channel is tested for proper performance. Where diagnostic software is available to diagnose or exercise a part, it is run on the part. Our test procedures allow us to provide parts with performance equivalent to newly manufactured parts.

What is the "exchange" price?

Many parts offered by Western Process Computers are available either as a direct purchase or as an exchange purchase, where your price is reduced if you return a defective part as exchange within 30 days. The exchange price is typically half of the direct purchase price. If you order a part on exchange, we will send you the item that you have requested, and your invoice will show the lower exchange price instead of the full list price. To receive the exchange price, you must comply with the following:

1) Specify upon placing the order that the part is to be purchased on exchange. An exchange order placed for an item cannot later be converted to an exchange order.

2) Return the defective part to our address in Phoenix or an address in France, whichever is most convenient for you. You must pay all transportation and duty costs associated with the return. The address and return instructions will be included in our shipment to you. We do not require an RMA number - we use your original PO number to track return parts, so please show this number on your return paperwork.

3) If we do not receive the exchange part within 30 days after shipping your order, you do not qualify for the exchange price, and we will send you an invoice for the difference in price between the exchange price and the direct purchase price. If you return exchange parts freight collect, this will disqualify your exchange order and we will send you an invoice for the full purchase price of the parts provided.

Do you accept credit cards for payment?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit cards when specified and presented at the time your order is placed.