FP3000-VESA Mount

FP3000-VESA Mount

FP3000-VESA Mount

  • Flat LED display for Classic or Z-Style furniture
  • Easy installation - VESA Mount
  • Low maintenance
  • Sharp, clear display

  • Universal Stations with EPDG/EPDGP video
  • Z-Style Console

FP3000-VESA Data Sheet

A High Quality Replacement ...

The FP3000-VESA is an LED-Backlit flat panel display designed to be a replacement for the Honeywell VESA "Bolt On" monitor utilizing the EPDG/EPDGP video system. Easy installation with the VESA mount allows technician to use existing video cable, and touch screen cable to the new display. A new power adapter and a/c cable are included.

Integrated Infrared Touch Screen ...

Honeywell's Universal Stations originally used infrared touch screen technology, which is reliable, provides dependable picks, and requires no finger pressure. This technology has the advantage of requiring no additional layer on the glass, resulting in a sharp, high-contrast display. For these reasons, infrared touch screens are preferred by many operators. The FP3000-VESA is offered with infrared touch screen, providing the performance and benefits of this original technology.

Brilliant Image Quality ...

The FP3000-VESA factory settings yield an exceptional image quality for a typical US with EPDG video. In a side-by-side comparison with Honeywell's solution, users noticed a much sharper image. The horizontal position and the phase adjustments may have to be slightly adjusted for your particular US. The brightness, contrast, and black level values can be adjusted for your particular environment and preference.

No Maintenance, Long Life...

The FP3000-VESA requires no maintenance other than periodic cleaning of the glass face-plate. This face-plate has an anti-glare coating, so use only a residue-free glass cleaner with a non-abrasive lint-free cloth. LED displays offer a 20 percent energy efficiency over the LCD monitors, which qualifies them for official energy savings recognition.