Network Gateway
Network Gateway

Network Gateway


The Network Gateway (NG) is a node specifically developed to provide a communications path between two or more Local Control Networks (LCN).

A Network Gateway Plant Information Network, referred to as PIN, is any network capable of conforming to IEEE 802.4. There are two types of PIN supported by the Network Gateway.

  • Carrier Band network such as the Universal Control Network (UCN) used for Network Interface Module (NIM), Process Manager, Advanced Process Manager, and Logic Manager products. The NG PIN cannot be connected to a UCN cable system; the two networks will not function if tied together.
  • Fiber Optic network physically configured as a star network.
  • Each NG connected to the PIN has a unique PIN address.
  • The PIN address is defined with jumper pins (pinning) in each connected node at the time of installation.
  • Each NG node has three addresses controlled by pinning. The PIN cable network A and B addresses are always pinned to be the same address.