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Western Process Computers, Inc. provides certified, tested, like-new hardware to worldwide users of Honeywell DCS systems (TDC 2000 & TDC 3000). We specialize only in Honeywell DCS hardware - this is our focus, our specialty - this is all that we do.

We supply guaranteed equipment ranging from single printed circuit boards on exchange up through complete custom-configured cabinet assemblies and consoles. We also offer a variety of new peripherals and replacement products to be used with these systems, like the printer replacement, Solid State Zip drive replacement, Solid State hard drive replacements, flat-panel LCD displays, and other reliability-improving technologies.

About our parts

Our equipment has been purchased primarily from Honeywell users who have sold us their surplus equipment after it is no longer in service. Although the equipment has previously been in service, we only resell well-maintained equipment. Often the equipment we buy has been under Honeywell maintenance throughout its life cycle. We refurbish (where appropriate), test, and verify that parts are compatible with your equipment. Your satisfaction is guaranteed on anything purchased from Western Process Computers, Inc.

Warranty Policy

Equipment purchased from Western Process Computers, Inc. is covered by our one-year replacement policy, unless a different warranty period is specified. Our limited warranty covers replacement or refund for a defective part, and does not cover losses for consequential damages or loss of use. Prices shown are subject to change without notice, and items shown are subject to prior sale. more...

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TDC 2000 Test Facility

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