CF Solid State Hard Drive

  • Solid State Reliability
  • Easy installation
  • Low Maintenance

  • Dual-logical and Single WDA History Module

Data Sheet for Dual-Logical SS Drive

Data Sheet for Single SS Drive

User Installation Guide CFHDD Dual Logical

User Installation Guide CFHDS Single

Solid State Technology ...

These CompactFlash based solid state drives emulate the original Winchester hard drives used in Honeywell's WDA History Module with dual-logical(ST318438LW) and single(ST32272N) and (ST3600N) drives (3½" Seagate drives) and the Single Board History Module (various 2½" laptop drives)

Easy Installation ...

With the same form factor as the original drive and matching connectors, these replacement drives install easily in place of the original hard drive. For a redundant installation, the new drive can then be synchronized with an original drive, following the same procedure as with the original hard drive. For a non-redundant installation, the new drive may be restored from a backup of your current configuration.

The model numbers for the Dual Logical WDA solid state replacements are CFHD-D1800 for the 1.8GB drive, and CFHD-D875 for the 875GB Dual Logical drive. The model numbers for the Single WDA replacement drives are CFHD-S1800 for 1.8Gb single and CFHD-S875 for single 875Mb drive. The Single WDA SS drive can also be formatted for ST3600N 445Mb single drive.  The model number for the SBHM solid state drive is CFHD-SBHM, which are two 1.8 GB capacity dual-logical drives.

Low Maintenance ...

The solid-state design of these replacements and a lack of moving parts results in disk replacements which are highly reliable and are not subject to bearing wear, head crashes, or other mechanical failure.

Notes ...

You must be running at least rel 5xx in order to upgrade to this dual logical configuration. The hardware revision of the SPC board must be minimum rev D, and the firmware revision of the SPC board must be revision J.
Due to CF Chip manufacturer changes we recommend purchasing certified spare CF chips from WPC.