Training Courses For TDC 2000 and TDC 3000 Maintenance

Western Process Computers can arrange on-site TDC 2000/3000 training and maintenance courses for customers who need to bring maintenance and operator personnel up to speed on this legacy equipment.

The comprehensive classes are intended to familiarize technicians and operators with the basics of a Honeywell TDC control systems, including its design, installation, maintenance and troubleshooting. The goal of this class is to give the technician the training needed to maintain a high degree of reliability in these older systems, and to quickly and efficiently put equipment back in service when they experience a failure.

Courses can be customized

  • TDC 2000 Basic Maintenance
  • MFC
  • PIU’s
  • Op stations
  • Universal Station
  • UCN
  • LCN Nodes

Flat rate for 1-10 participants plus T&L for the instructor

TDC 2000 Basic Maintenance: All TDC basic Hiway controllers and interface units. TDC2000 Basic Training Outline.

For more information please send us an email inquiry with the following:

  • Training dates?
  • How many Students? (1-10)
  • What type of training class is needed?